2019 Roadmap

A quick update on our roadmap for this year.

We started the year committed to getting an iphone and android app developed. As we started down this road we realised there was significant work required in the backend to make sure this changed was successful. This sadly means we have decided to postpone the app development for next year.

This year we are focusing on getting the necessary infrastructure in place so we can start 2020 in a good position to develop an API and at least one mobile platform.

For the rest of 2019 you can look forward to two major

  • Mail folder improvements – you have more flexibility around managing your folders
  • Addressee improvements – so you know what mail is for who regardless of what folder it is in

While both of these sound like a minor changes they have required a major re-work of our underlying architecture.

Also by the end of the year we will transition our servers to AWS infrastructure. This is to help us make sure we have the correct architecture in place to be able to deliver a better service and mobile apps.

Gareth Foster2019 Roadmap

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  1. Tanya ()

    Hi, will you be developing a mobile Android app at any time?

    I’m finding during 2020 that I’m more and more on my cell phone than the main computer. I would likely find an app would be easier and more convenient than using the browser…


    1. Charles D

      Hi Tanya,

      It’s on our long-term roadmap to create apps for Private Box, but we don’t have a date yet.

      In the meantime our dev team are making regular tweaks to the mobile browser version of the website.
      If there is a particular issue that could be improved for mobile please let us know!


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