Managing business risk during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The global response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected many people and business. Governments are asking people to practice social distancing and companies and organisations are looking for ways to enable their employees to work from home.

Now is a great time to thing about your Business Continuity Planning (BCP). How will you manage if you need to close your office? Or have some of your workforce working remotely?

Is your business prepared for remote working?

As working from home will be encouraged should the situation worsen, and many businesses are adopting remote working to mitigate the risk coronavirus may present.

There are many solutions that facilitate a remote workforce, and providing your employees have an internet connection at home, they may be able to log in to your company infrastructure and access documents, and communication channels. But, have you considered how you will manage physical mail if your offices are closed? Important mail such as contracts and invoices present a risk to the ongoing operation of your business if nobody is there to action them.

Private Box is the leading online mail management provider in New Zealand, read on to find out how we can help by digitising your business mail.

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A remote solution for post management

You can set up a redirection service, or arrange for a courier to deliver your post to our secure mail sorting facility at a time convenient to you. When we receive your mail, our solution converts your letters into digital format.

Once digitised, it’s easy to distribute mail to your team via email, or our online mail management platform also integrates with Evernote.

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Private Box services for Business Continuity

  • Online Mail Management – Manage your mail remotely. Have Private Box clear your PO Box, and you choose to scan paper mail, and forward mail & parcels to staff or customers that need them.
  • Temporary Phone numbers – Don’t give out your personal phone numbers, Private Box can provide 08000, NZ & AU numbers.
  • Call Answering – Have calls answered professionally and screened before forwarding or taking a message.
  • Bespoke outsourced solutions – Application scanning, outgoing mail fulfillment etc.

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