Mail Scanning & OCR

Accessing your mail from anywhere is easy when you have your mail scanned by Private Box.

Private Box’s Digital Mailroom provides a number of options for scanning mail, so you are always in control. You can choose to have one item scanned on request, or have all mail scanned automatically. Additionally, you can setup email rules to have the scans sent to your email.

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OCR (optical Character Recognition)

For mail Private Box uses Tesseract OCR for identifying text in the first 2 pages of the pdf scan files. This makes the first 2 pages searchable, and means you can copy text out of the scans.

For Enterprise customers digitising large volumes of documents, Private Box can leverage Google’s Vision AI to detect text within our scans in more than 50 languages, and save it into the files. Data can be saved in many different formats.

Free Automatic Scanning

Each month all Private Box plans include free automatic scanning for 5 letters, or 50 pages (which ever comes first). After this standard scanning fees apply (First 2 pages – $0.80, Additional pages $0.25).

Private Box provides support for getting your account setup just right, step-by-step guides, and customer support via phone & email.

Scan to Email

Have your scanned mail delivered to your email as pdf attachments.

Simplify your work flow & process your mail like you do your email. See more about email rules below.

Mail Scanning & Automatic Rules

Some mail handling tasks can be setup as Automatic Rules in your Private Box account.

Here is are some of the different combinations of Mail Scanning & Automatic Rules:

  • Automatically Scan New Mail
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx AND destroy paper copy
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND Forward to xxx
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx AND Forward paper copy to xxx

See Mailroom Automation for more information about automatic rules.

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