Mailroom Automation

Screenshot of Private Box's Online Mailroom software on Computer and Phone

Private Box’s Digital Mailroom service has includes rules that can be used to automate your mail management.

Setup rules to automate your mail. Just set, and forget!

Automation rules

Popular rules are:

  • Automatically Scan to Email
  • Automatically forward mail on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Email shortcuts for Scan to Email

Mail Sorting Rules

You can sort your incoming mail into different folders based on the recipients name.

This allows you to sort mail for different business departments, staff, or family members, and then apply different scanning & forwarding rules to the folders if desired.

Scanning & Forwarding Rules

Folder Rules & Forwarding rules help you to automate the following actions:

  1. Scanning mail
  2. Emailing scanned mail
  3. Destroying hardcopies of mail
  4. Forwarding mail

All the rule combinations:

  • Automatically Scan New Mail
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx AND destroy paper copy
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND Forward to xxx
  • Automatically Scan New Mail AND email to xxx AND Forward paper copy to xxx
  • Automatically Forward mail to xxx (every day, 7-days, 14-days, or 28-days)

Email Short cuts

Email shortcuts is an addition to the Scan to Email workflow, which enable users to forward or destroy mail from their emails without having to login to their Private Box account.

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