How much it will cost to forward your post?

Mail can be forwarded on an automated basis or whenever you choose.

Bundle Examples
Mail can be sent individually or in bundles, by default all mail is bundled to save on shipping and handling costs.
Below are an average weight of bundles of mail.

15g 100g 200g 1.3kg
1 Letter 3 Letters 5 Letters & Parcels 24 Letters & Parcels
Average 4 days worth of mail. Average 2 Weeks worth of mail. Average 1 Month worth of mail. Average 3-4 Months worth of mail.




  • Please Note
    The above is based on estimates of previous mail sent in the previous 3 months.
    The cost of postage is confirmed when the mail is actually sent.
  • International Size Restrictions
    Please see International forwarding options.
  • For New Zealand Postage Rates
    Please see NZ Post Rate Finder.
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