Prohibited Items through Private Box

Below are items that Private Box cannot send. See Prohibited Items for more information.

Acid Gas Cylinders (e.g. camping gas)
Adhesive Products (containing flammable liquid) Generators (fuel powered)
Aerosol Cans (e.g. hairspray) Glue (e.g. flammable, quick drying)
Air Bag (car) Grenades
Alarm Devices (gas or battery powered) Hair Colouring / Bleaches
Alcohol (more than 5 litres) Hairspray (aerosol)
Alcohol (more than 70% by volume) Human Remains (including ashes)
Alkaline Igniters
Aluminium Powder Indecent Goods
Ammonial Products Insecticides
Ammunition Kerosene
Ammonial Powder Laundry Detergents
Animals (except for bees, leeches, silkworms and harmless insects) Lighter Fluid
Anti Freeze Liquid Nitrogen
Appliances (containing batteries) Lithium Batteries
Asbestos Magnetic Material
Barometers Magnets
Batteries (contained in any appliance) Matches
Batteries (e.g. car or wet) Mercury
Batteries (made from lithium cell) Mobile Phones (unless battery wrapped separately
Battery Fluid Motor Fuels
Blasting Caps Nail Polish
Bleach Nail Polish Remover
Brake Fluid Narcotics
Bullets Oven Cleaners (which include caustic soda)
Bullion Oxygen Cylinders
Butane Paint (oil based)
Camphor Party Poppers
Caps For Starting Guns Perfume
Caps For Toy Guns Perfumery Products
Carbon Paper Peroxides
Cash or Currency Petrol
Caustic Soda Phosphorus
Charcoal Plastic Solvent
Chemicals Poisons (e.g. cyanide, lead, arsenic)
Chlorates Polish
Chlorine Polyester Resin Kits
Christmas Crackers Propane
Cigarette Lighters Shock Absorbers (gas or compressed air)
Cleaning Materials (liquid or powder) Signals, Distress
Deodorant (aerosols) Signals, Smoke
Disinfectants Sodium
Drugs (unless in perscription quantities) Solvents
>Dry Ice Sparklers
Dyes Sulphuric Acid
Electronic Items (containing batteries) Swimming Pool Chemicals
Essential Oils (e.g. eucalyptus, tea tree) Tea Tree Oil
Fertilisers Textile Dyes
Fibreglass Repair Kits Theatrical Flares
Fire Extinguishes Thermometers (mercury)
Fire Lighters Toner (photocopier)
Firearms Toy Caps
Fireworks (e.g. skyrockets, sparklers, crackers) Toys (containing batteries)
Flares Turpentine
Flint Lighters Varnish (e.g. remover, thinner)
Furs and Skins (Animal) Weed Killers
Gas (e.g. propane, butane, hydrogen, helium) Zinc Powder
StevenProhibited Items List