Prohibited Items

It is very important that absolutely no prohibited items are sent through the Private Box Network.

Prohibited items are not allowed as they may risk damaging or contaminating other postal items. This also includes items that may inhibit the safety of our staff or the general public.

Due to many prohibited items being dangerous, any item suspected of containing prohibited items may be opened by New Zealand Customs or any other authorized parties. By sending prohibited items you will be in breach of our Terms of Service Policy.

Private Box do not take liability for any prohibited items. Any damage caused by a prohibited item or disposal fees will be at your expense.

Any items listed in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are prohibited
Items with IATA Dangerous Goods classification>>
IATA Dangerous Goods Web site >>

New Zealand Restrictions
The New Zealand Government enforces restrictions on various types of items, you need to ensure the item sent to us is not Prohibited. For further information please refer to the New Zealand Customs Web site

International Restrictions
There are many restrictions that may be imposed by any country, we have obtained a list that you may use as a reference, but this list is not absolute, therefore you may not quote us on this list. Please check with your local authorities first before you send any item that may be prohibited.
General International Restrictions>>

Common Prohibited items
The following link will take you to our commonly prohibited items.
List of commonly prohibited items>>


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