A real Street mailing address to receive all your mail

To save you time, money and to protect your privacy we provide you our own permanent street address or a PO Box.

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Private box own the rights to our address, therefore we are not obligated to pay any royalties or register your information with NZ Post.

The address we provide is privately owned by Private Box, we have sole rights to the address. The mail box is in a secured location which is always held under lock and key.

For your protection mail is not actually sent to our street address, rather it is all redirected at our sorting center. All mail is bundled and then redirected at our sorting center which is across the road from the Private Box Office.

Mail Pickup
On a daily basis we will collect your mail for you. When we collect your mail we enter it into our mailing system, shortly afterwards you will receive an email detailing what has arrived. You can the login and view your mail in real time.

Sign on delivery
Many courier companies do not deliver to PO Box addresses, there is no issue with our street address.

StevenStreet Address