Receipt Bank

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Private box is pleased to announce its Receipt Bank service is now available in New Zealand.

From now on there’s no need to keep all your receipts and invoices in a box, in your wallet, in your purse, in your car, in your pocket or wherever else you’ll lose them from.

Private box Business Services can now offer a simple, efficient, one stop solution for all your invoice handling need, whether it’s a

  • invoice from a client lunch
  • email with your phone bill or
  • the power bill arriving in the mail

Private Box has a simple, efficient way of getting these different formats stored in one place, data extracted and exported into your financial software for easy access for your book-keeper and / or accountant.

Paperless receipts. Sorted

The Private Box solution enables you to quickly and easily get all your invoices from all different sources into one place for easy reconciliation & payment.

How does it work


Receipt bank easy as

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Register your interest and one of the team will get in touch with pricing. We are looking to start offering this service from in March 2019.

Private Box + Receipt Bank


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