Why Private Box?

Private Box is New Zealand's number-one address provider for a reason. Having spent almost 2 decades in this business, we have grown and evolved in a way that provides our customers with exactly what they need.

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Who is Private Box ideal for?

The Shopper

  1. When a local e-commerce store doesn’t ship overseas
  2. When they want to purchase something in NZ
  3. For limited edition items

Personal Mailbox

The Settler

  1. Someone looking to move to NZ
  2. Who wants to get a head start on setting up their life in NZ (eg. get an IRD number, NZ bank account etc)
  3. They want an NZ address to feel more like a kiwi

Personal Mailbox

The Grey Nomad

  1. Someone who is selling or renting out their main residence and in need of an address while they are off traveling!
  2. A person who has a family trust and/or residual businesses – hence they may need a Business Mailbox (trusts are classed as a business by private box)
  3. A parent who doesn’t want to be a burden to their kids by sending them all their mail

Personal Mailbox

The Expat

  1. Someone living overseas but wanting to stay connected to NZ
  2. Someone who still has some of their affairs located in NZ (eg. tax, bank etc) and need a secure way to get mail, but they are living abroad
  3. Someone able to utilise our online service where they can see their mail from overseas

Personal Mailbox

The Serial Entrepreneur

  1. Start a company quickly and efficiently by using our address to register it
  2. Have your mail handling automated
  3. Be able to view their mail from anywhere in the world

Business Mailbox

The Lifestyle Traveller

  1. A person with no fixed residential address that travels a lot
  2. A traveler who elects to use NZ as their tax residence
  3. Someone who trusts New Zealand to not be corrupt

Personal Mailbox

The Tech Nomad

  1. Too busy to handle their own mail
  2. Mail that needs to be handled securely, as they may have some business interest or trust
  3. Often someone with a PA setting up their Private Box on their behalf

Personal Mailbox or Business Mailbox

The Investor

  1. Someone who has many companies they use for managing investments
  2. A cost-efficient option to adhere to compliance requirements
  3. Overseas based and has a NZ agent to help with their various entities

Business Mailbox

The NZ Business Owner

  1. Someone in need of a secure location to receive mail
  2. A business that wants to appear bigger than they are
  3. Someone that doesn’t want to waste time clearing a PO Box

Business Mailbox

The Australian Based Business

  1. A business wanting to expand into NZ or streamline an existing NZ business
  2. In need of a ROA/AFS for their NZ entity
  3. May need help with customer returns

Business Mailbox

The IP Protector

  1. Wanting to register a TradeMark with IPONZ
  2. Needing an NZ address to show some connection with NZ
  3. Ensure any mail from IPONZ is handled securely

Personal Mailbox or Business Mailbox

The Foreign Company

  1. Wanting to sell to Kiwis, so needing a NZ presence
  2. Looking to increase their international reputation – and being based out of NZ makes them appear more trustworthy
  3. Currntly have no other connection with NZ so needs guidance on where to start (we can introduce to lawyers, accountants etc)

Business Mailbox

Why would you need a New Zealand Address?

With having a secure New Zealand address from anywhere in the world, your possibilities are endless. Both for personal and business, the freedom and security that your NZ address can provide is only enhanced by our professional and responsive team.

Online mail management is our greatest strength, with a streamlined process that alerts you quickly when you have received mail, followed by an automation chosen by you! Whether that be to directly forward it on to you, to scan and upload your letters directly into your Virtual Mailroom.

We take pride in getting your mail to you quickly and securely, regardless of where you are. Whether for business or for personal use, you can rest assured knowing that their virtual mailbox service is reliable and secure.

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