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Global Mail Forwarding Costs

Mail forwarding costs depend on weight, size & shipping service chosen. It’s difficult for Private Box to provide an accurate guide until we have the items to be mailed in our mailroom.

That said, here are the steps to get an estimate of your shipping:

International Parcel Forwarding

Step 1: Work out the weight and dimensions of the item you want to ship
If you are overseas, and wanting to purchase an item in New Zealand, this may require you to contact the store or seller for these measurements.

Step 2: Find the shipping options are rates
The NZ Post Rate Finder is the best calculator. It will provide the shipping services available to your country, and the costs.

Step 3: Add Private Box’s Handling fees
These are our fees for receiving and lodging the parcels and sorting out customs documentation.
The fees are:

  • Receiving – $1 per parcel
  •  Shipping
    • $4.50NZD for a small parcel (under 2kg), plus $0.50NZD per additional item, or
    • $15.50NZD for a parcel over 2kg, plus $0.50NZD per additional item, or
    • $15.50NZD for all mail sent via International Courier or International Express Courier, plus $0.50NZD per additional item

Forwarding Letters / Paper mail
To help with estimating the cost of forwarding mail, below is an average weight of bundles of mail.

15g 100g 200g 1.3kg
1 Letter 3 Letters 5 Letters & Parcels 24 Letters & Parcels
Average 4 days worth of mail. Average 2 Weeks worth of mail. Average 1 Month worth of mail. Average 3-4 Months worth of mail.

Please note; if your item is not a prohibited or restricted item as this will either increase the cost of shipping or prevent you from receiving your item at all. Learn more here

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