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Private Box’s online mailroom service can be used for managing personal or business mail.


  • Professional Address in New Zealand
  • Great for startups or home businesses – stop giving out your home address
  • Receive product returns in New Zealand, and forward overseas
  • Forward paper mail overseas


  • Perfect for Nomads & Travellers.
  • Street address to accept parcels & register vehicles.
  • Open to NZ & International residents
  • International mail & parcel forwarding

Our Process

1. Give your Private Box address to anyone who wants one

2. Received a notification via email when mail arrives

We will tell you who it's for, its type, who it's from and how much it weighs. For example - 1x parcel to Daffy Dack from AMAZON weighing 2.3kg. 

3. Log into our web app to request the item to be scanned, forwarded, destroyed or collected* 

* We use NZ Post Parcel Collect to send your item close to your location to collect.

4. Bonus - we can set up "auto" scanning or forwarding rules to automatically process your mail for you

No limits on incoming mail volumes

From a couple of items a month to 300+ items a day, Private Box can manage incoming mail volumes of any size.

Private Box Account

From signing up to receiving & managing mail takes 1-2 business days.

  • Choose a plan
  • Apply in 10min
  • Complete an ID check

Account & Address ready to use!

Optional Extras

  • Setup Automatic mail processing rules
  • Organise mail forwarding from your existing address
  • Apply for integration into your mail document system


  • Fast setup
  • No minimum term
  • You Stay in control
  • Free support

Digital Mailroom Competitors

From signing up to receiving & managing mail takes days to months.

  • Contact the company
  • Have a sales meeting
  • Get a quote
  • Negotiate?
  • Sign a 3-year contract
  • Set a start date
  • Go Live


  • Locked into a long term contract
  • Not sure if you are getting a good price

What our clients have to say

Simon Margrett
Simon Margrett
05:50 03 Jul 21
Super service, friendly and convenient.
Robyn Maskell
Robyn Maskell
01:17 21 Feb 21
Great service
Ross Davies
Ross Davies
00:30 22 Nov 20
We'd used the service for about a decade while living without a base in NZ. We found it excellent, including for... lengthy stays out of the country. It took years to transition all our addresses to our Private Box address. The disappointing part came with returning to having a real letterbox and no further need for the service. We found Private Box had no plan for this process. You are either all in or all out. There is no middle ground for mail from addresses you've forgotten or only received mail from infrequently. There is no process where they could redirect mail that arrives after we unsubscribe - no interim (chargeable) service. They just destroy any mail that arrives once you stop paying. So it is a fairly stressful decision to stop using the service. It feels a bit like more
Kataleena Black
Kataleena Black
09:55 05 Nov 20
Fantastic service over many years!! The only problem has been the transfer to a new building causing a fair bit of... chaos, hopefully that will settle down, but for now it's dreadful.New customers won't have that issue though (unless the company relocates again, fingers crossed they don't).read more
Kris Warrior
Kris Warrior
02:23 16 Sep 19
I used Private Box for a couple of years as I needed an address in New Zealand. It was two years of trouble free,... excellent service. The guys are very responsive on email, not that I had had to touch base with them much....Wholeheartedly recommend more
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