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Private Box’s online mailroom service can be used for managing personal or business mail.

The Signup Process

Choose a Plan
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How it Works

1. Give your Private Box address to anyone who wants one

2. Received a notification via email when mail arrives

We will tell you who it's for, its type, who it's from and how much it weighs. For example - 1x parcel to Daffy Dack from AMAZON weighing 2.3kg. 

3. Log into our web app to request the item to be scanned, forwarded, destroyed or collected* 

* We use NZ Post Parcel Collect to send your item close to your location to collect.

4. Bonus - we can set up "auto" scanning or forwarding rules to automatically process your mail for you

No limits on incoming mail volumes

From a couple of items a month to 300+ items a day, Private Box can manage incoming mail volumes of any size. View our Plans

Private Box Account

From signing up to receiving & managing mail takes 1-2 business days.

  • Choose a plan
  • Apply in 10min
  • Complete an ID check

Account & Address ready to use!

Optional Extras

  • Setup Automatic mail processing rules
  • Organise mail forwarding from your existing address
  • Apply for integration into your mail document system


  • Fast setup
  • No minimum term
  • You Stay in control
  • Free support

Digital Mailroom Competitors

From signing up to receiving & managing mail takes days to months.

  • Contact the company
  • Have a sales meeting
  • Get a quote
  • Negotiate?
  • Sign a 3-year contract
  • Set a start date
  • Go Live


  • Locked into a long term contract
  • Not sure if you are getting a good price

What our clients have to say

Kabul, Mehdi
Kabul, Mehdi
23:48 12 May 24
Keep up the good work.
Nazrul Aidil
Nazrul Aidil
00:01 19 Dec 23
Friendly service! Use Bill Cutting Pl lane for entry and park at customer parking. About 30mins from the airport.... Website could be better but the service is definitely recommended!read more
Philip Ghezelbash
Philip Ghezelbash
23:54 20 Nov 23
Private Box is great. No complaints at all. The service itself is excellent and customer service is also great. Thank... you!read more
Pam Esmaquel
Pam Esmaquel
00:24 07 Nov 23
Amazing business model that's what I need a start up business. Support small ❤️
Tamara Kistner
Tamara Kistner
01:25 13 Sep 23
Very good offer and very friendly contact. Emails are responded to promptly and precisely. The PO box/postal address... does exactly what it promises. I highly recommend more
Yara Helena Martinez Crowther
Yara Helena Martinez Crowther
03:54 07 Jul 23
Very professional and eficient
Bob Gordon
Bob Gordon
23:58 18 May 23
This is an exceptionally good private mail and parcel service. In a word excellent. I am signing up again for a second... more
sean emerson
sean emerson
09:14 27 Apr 23
I used them for a few months for personal mail while I was looking for a permanent address when I just moved to nz.... great idea and service. It can be a bit fiddly getting the suite number and level 1 to work with government agencies. I generally had to leave off level 1. Other than that I highly recommendread more
Wayne Liang
Wayne Liang
01:17 16 Mar 23
Good services.
John Jenkinson
John Jenkinson
00:54 07 Oct 22
My comments here are related to a business service, rather than personal.The service is average, for a business user.... The main competitor would be a NZ post office post box - as the cost for receiving parcels via this service is high. It is better to use your accountants address and a post office box to receive mail, rather than this service.Some government agencies do not recognise the "suite x" address as valid, so having this as the default mail address for ACC and IRD will be difficult.Despite what the website states, accounting services and lodgement of accounts are not provided. Indeed statements made as part of the sales process should be taken with a large tablespoon of more
Nathan Broadbent
Nathan Broadbent
03:20 30 Jun 22
Private Box is awesome! I've been using them for a few years, and it's been really helpful. Especially when living... overseas, or even when moving to a new address within New Zealand. Highly recommended!read more
Allan Brown
Allan Brown
19:27 29 Jun 22
"""SNAIL MAIL BY ROCKETSHIP!!"""We have been useing "" for about 2 years now and have not had a single... issue with the service. We have mail delivered all over New Zealand and enjoy catching up with our 'snail mail' at our convenience.Their systems work well!read more
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