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Don′t settle for a traditional PO Box when you can check the post online. Never worry about driving to your local PO Box ever again, with us you will know when mail arrives.

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Wellington PO Box locations

PO Box 83000, Wellington 6440, New Zealand
or PO Box 13240, Wellington 6440, New Zealand

Prefer a street address in Wellington?

With our Wellington Street Address, you can receive your courier items, business to government documents and your standard post. When it arrives you will have total control of it online.
Wellington street address

Level 1, 6 Johnsonville Rd Wellington 6037, New Zealand.

Need a PO Box in Auckland or Christchurch?

We also have PO Boxes in Auckland and Christchurch. With your one account you will also have access to our PO Box in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

See all our available New Zealand postal addresses.

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