Private Box is committed to a carbon zero future.

We now commit to offsetting our carbon footprint for our business enterprise. This includes offsetting the carbon for the mail we receive, send and for our offices.

This study by Pitney Bowes estimated the carbon emissions for one piece of mail between 7.6g and 36g. We received and sent 31,035 mail items in the 2018 year. Taking the higher end of this estimate (36g) and multiplying by 31,035 means the mail side of the business produced around 1,117 kgs of carbon dioxide last year.

We have the full time equivalent of 5 staff (3 full timers and about 7 part timers). We also estimate our offices produced around 14,342 kg for the 2018 year

Emissions from mail:                        1,117 kg
Emissions from office:                  14,342 kg
Total business emissions 2018:   15,459 kg

We have offset this carbon via the Enviro-mark offsetting tool and chose to support the Pigeon Bush restoration project.

We will continue to work on measuring and reducing our carbon footprint for our business and for our customers. One day we hope to become Certified Carbon Zero and on our journey there we commit to offsetting our carbon.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey.