When a Medical Professionals Registration Board needed a digital solution for their paper-based application process, they turned to Private Box.

When the COVID19 lockdown started many entities weren’t prepared for all the operational challenges they faced when staff were sent home. Sure, modern telephony and cloud-based solutions could be deployed and rolled out, but what happens when medical professionals send large volumes of paper-based registration and application documentation to a PO Box that can’t be accessed, or when it could be accessed, the documents couldn’t be circulated around the business in a timely efficient manner.


The problem was, how to get analogue, paper-based communications channel standardised and integrated into a digital platform when they arrive in a PO Box across town, in an endless number of non-standardised formats.

The answer was a Digital Mail solution from Private Box.


Initially, it was assumed that a digital mail company such as Private Box could only help with part of the problem i.e. clearing the PO Box and scanning, and integration to their central SharePoint document management solution would require additional expertise.

It was also assumed that Private Box could not create the customised output formats particular to their requirements and/or it would be prohibitively expensive – all of which proved incorrect.

Once engaged with Private Box they realised that Private Box had a ready-built solution that could manage all of their requirements. In fact, Private Box had solved this problem in years past and had an online solution, coupled with workflow processes, that could handle pretty much anything that arrived via the mail and export it to digital platforms in a robust, secure and compliant manner. Private Box even had an out-of-the-box, cloud-based solution for all the exceptions and online processes for handling random packages and junk mail.

As a result of engaging Private Boxes Digital mail services, the client now enjoys:

  • A solution that enables the clients’ staff to work from home when required – a big plus during COVID 19
  • No longer managing multiple PO Boxes and paper mail
  • Digital receipting and scanning of all postal mail with integration to their document management system
  • A guaranteed, secure, compliant service level
  • A solution that is scalable up or down both operationally and financially