We have released our tags for scanned mail feature

Now when scanning mail, our mail operators can add a tags to the mail. The tags are:

  1. cheque
  2. credit card
  3. important

When they are applied:

  • Cheque is if there is a cheque contained inside
  • Credit card is for credit cards & bank cards
  • Important is for Drivers license, passports, court documents and fine notifications

Private Box users will start to see these different tags in their account.

There are three places they will be notified:
1. In the user inbox an icon will appear next to the mail in question.
2. When scan-to-email rules are enabled then the subject of the email will be changed. For example: “Scanned letter for…” will change to “Important: Scanned letter for…”
3. If scan-to-email rules are not enabled then the body of the scan notification will be changed eg. “Item 123456 is important”