Coming back to New Zealand after an extended time overseas can be full of mixed feelings!
The COVID-19 pandemic has also added an extra twist. New Zealand has been lucky and done well in it’s response to stop community spread. However, it has been at the cost of closing the borders to all (except citizens, permanent residents, and select exceptions).

A small “wave” of Kiwi’s & permanent residents have been returning to New Zealand. Locally it has been named the “reverse brain drain”.

How can Private Box help?

If you are returning to New Zealand and don’t already have an address here, Private Box provides addresses & online mail management – so you can manage your mail online just like your email.

Having a reliable address can be useful when tying up loose ends and preparing to leave a country. You can to tell all your services where you are going. For example you can share an address with:

  • Flatmates/landlord – in case new mail comes for you
  • Utilities: Bank, Insurance, Pension, Tax service, etc – so you don’t miss an important notice
  • Workplace – If you’re going to keep your job & work remote, or just to keep in touch

You can also use an address in New Zealand to prepare for arrival. If you’re planning ahead you can some useful things in advance, such as:

  • Ordering a new SIM card
  • Reactivating a Bank account & getting new bank cards
  • Getting a replacement Driver license

Hitting the ground running

As of writing, bookings for managed isolation are for 2 months in advance, so if you are well planned you can apply for things that you need in advance – SIM card, bank card etc. And we can courier them (not air mail) to you abroad so you can be ahead of the game when returning.

Note, however it is best to allow 1-month for mail, even for international courier items, due COVID related disruptions to the air freight networks.

Courier to managed isolation facilities

Alternatively, you can also have your mail couriered (not standard post) to your room at your managed isolation facility in New Zealand once you have arrived.

Here’s an example of an address for forwarding your mail to yourself in managed isolation:

John Doe / Room 823
Grand Millennium Hotel
71 Mayoral Drive, cnr Vincent Street
Auckland 1010

Here’s a link to all the locations: