Over the last 6-months we’ve been thinking about the vision & mission of Private Box.
Our Mission is:

To lead the transition to smart mail services for business and every-day people while providing an awesome customer experience.

This in turn has helped to inform what we want to achieve in the next year. So here are the big steps that we’ve got planned for 2018:

Q1: Turn off the legacy website

The original website was created 12 years ago, and the internet & what users expect has evolved a lot. We’ve launched a new website in 2017, and turning off the legacy website means we can move on to more exciting features.

Q2: Redesign the database

Also created 12 years ago, the database needs a renovation and some TLC to make sure that it is ready for the next 12 years!

Q3: Create an API

Creating an API will enable multiple user interfaces (website, mobile apps etc) to interact with the Private Box system.

Q4: Build and release a mobile app

We’ve been wanting to create a mobile app for years, now it seems achievable. We can’t wait to deliver scanned mail direct to your mobile!

As always we are open to new ideas & requests. Feel free to message us with any that you have.

The Private Box team