Our friends a Sub Urban (a co-working space in Wellington) approached us with a great idea – why not help students in their last year of high school with getting some real world experience in business? So that’s what we have done. We sponsor Sub Urban to work with Onslow College students who are working on starting their own business. Sub Urban helps by matching these students with local business mentors and also running ‘dragons den’ type events for the students to pitch their ideas to real business owners.

Building self confidence. Locally.

At Private Box we know its just a matter of confidence to make a start on your unique business idea. All our customers are up to something interesting – whether that be running a business online, travelling the world or even both. And fostering the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow to have their own confidence to build on an idea is what we love. And while we might not have the time to help directly we can provide funding support for Sub Urban to continue their work with Onslow college on a yearly basis.