To keep up with inflation, we are increasing our prices by around 5% from July 1, 2024.

Price & service adjustments:

Mailbox rental: Personal $20.95 (inc GST), Business $45/mo+GST, Premium $65/mo+GST, additional Premium $20/mo+GST. Virtual Office is now $109/mo + GST.

Dedicated PO Boxes: Price adjusted depending on location. In general, expect a 5% increase.

Extra names: People $1.83+gst (2.10 inc). Businesses $8.70+gst ($10 inc)

Company services: lower fees for overseas companies and company incorporation. Overseas companies are now $87.96+GST per month (down from $ 1,300+GST per year). The registered office fee has been reduced from $232/yr to $0/yr.

Answering service: Low: $36.50+gst, medium: $54.50+gst, high: $108/mo+gst, extra calls: $2.43 + gst

Mail scanning: $1.25 ea inc GST

Mail storage: 7.50 flat rate per parcel, 0.34c per letter (we still include 25 letters stored for free)

Personalised service: Min charge will now be $25 (15 mins).

These price adjustments come through when your subscription renews after the 1st of July, 2024.