On Friday 27 September 2019, Private Box will be closing for the day to take part and support the worldwide Climate Strike.

Climate change poses a significant threat to all of our futures. Therefore, we are going to stand in solidarity with millions of people worldwide on Friday 27th September to call for urgent action on the climate crisis.

Many people from around the country will be taking part in this strike, along with a large group of students who are calling for others to join the cause (www.schoolstrike4climatenz.com).

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned us that we have until 2030 to help limit dangerous temperature increases.

It is believed that if the temperature rise reaches around 2°C higher than the average now, the results could cause a”climate run away” where the effects of human induced global warming cannot be reversed. This may include things like mass extinction, famine, droughts, floods, wildfires, and the spread of infectious diseases.

According to the CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project’s) 2017 Carbon Majors Report, 71% of the world’s global industrial greenhouse gas emissions come from just 100 polluters. It is clear by now that the interests of big business do not drive the prosperity of the human race. As a society, we need to change course.

You might think that actions like banning plastic straws and plastic bags is already combating the problem – these are great steps toward reducing pollution – but it’s a small drop in the ocean of the big problems – and used as a tactic to divert the attention away from the very real and much larger issues. We need to take a stand and have our governments hold large corporations accountable for themselves, and make them take the required steps to help protect our planet.