Whether we like it or not, receiving and sending paper mail will always be a part of doing business, albeit in reducing volumes. The challenge is how to manage this communication channel without creating yet another workflow process.

Below are 5 mistakes often made by businesses when addressing, or not addressing, paper based communications

1. Assuming snail mail is history

Snail mail might not be the communication channel of choice anymore, it’s still a communication channel that needs to be provided for and managed, albeit for decreasing volumes. So whilst its not a growing communications channel, its one that cannot be forgotten.

2. Not managing it

As the old saying goes, if you can measure it, it can be managed. Not tracking and tracing important paper based communications is not only bad business, it’s also extremely risky – legal notices often arrive via mail! Having a systemised, reliable, managing approach to snail mail is a business necessity.

3. Having someone in-house to pick up the mail from a PO Box every day.

This occurs literally with thousands of business every day in New Zealand. A PA/Business Owner/ receptionist drives to and from the PO Box to pick up mail every day only to find that often there is just a handful of mail. It’s not effective time use, and it can be a business risk if its not managed properly.\

4. Assuming digital workflows cannot manage papermail.

Snail mail is only a scan and index away from being an item that’s managed in a digital workflow, and if its implemented correctly with adherence to the PRA (Public Records Act), the scanned documents are also legally compliant and the originals can be destroyed.

5. Assuming that mail scanning is too expensive or fiddly and only appropriate for multinational corporations.

While this was true 10+ years ago, it’s no longer the case. Outsourced providers, hardware and software solution pricing has matured over the years and a simple solution, with integration to a workflow/ERP/CRM can be deployed in as little as a few days with surprisingly little cost.

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