Pandemic or no pandemic, the mail keeps coming, even if your office is in lockdown mode. That includes paper mail, which is still very much a part of the business world. So what’s going to happen if no one is there to open your mail and route it to the proper recipient? What’s going to happen if no one is there to sign for packages? What happens when we’re talking about time-sensitive mail, such as insurance claims, tax invoices and legal notices. What happens when the mail is critical to cash-flow, for example, remittances and cheques? For that matter, how will the mail even leave the hand of the sender if the sender suddenly finds itself with no mailroom staff, no mailroom, no copy machines, not even a fax machine. Even companies with existing work-from-home infrastructure aren’t necessarily set up to function in these circumstances

We could go on identifying the myriad pain points that go along with this novel scenario in which working from home is no longer a choice but rather a rule, whether impractical or not. But if you’re one of the many businesses for whom “missing work” is no longer just a matter of attendance, you already have a pretty fair idea of what you’re up against.

Even companies with existing work-from-home infrastructure aren’t necessarily set up to function in these circumstances..

Incoming mail.

As offices emptied out following the Governments Level 3 & 4 announcements of the COVID-19 response, the question quickly became: If you’re not in the office, who’s going to open and route your incoming paper mail?

Private Box’s DigitalMail

Already successfully in use by our customers before COVID-19 ever existed, seamlessly automates the full range of processes otherwise performed by your mailroom staff, even when your mailroom staff is absent from the office. On signing up, an instruction is delivered to the NZ Post to forward your incoming mail to a designated Private Box processing centre. Using state-of-the-art technology, including OCR-powered data extraction and scanning solutions, DigitalMail extracts, indexes, and sorts the contents of your incoming mail, securely routing it in digitized form to its intended recipients, as well as making it ready for entry into other workflows utilizing digitized content. Private Box’s DigitalMail makes remote work both possible and profitable not only in extreme circumstances such as these, but in all circumstances.

Some of the features and benefits of Private Box’s DigitalMail include:

  • Simple, self-service out-of-the-box signup.
  • Cost-effective for businesses small and large
  • Scalable
  • Programmable ‘open and scan’ business rules.
  • Courier package receipting and on-forwarding
  • Custom outputs for a variety of DMS, CRM, ERP and RPA

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