A New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is essential when running a business in New Zealand.

The NZBN allows you to:

  • Access government services for your businesses
  • Confirm the right business when transacting with other businesses

As a Sole Trader (someone who does business without incorporating a company) you can get an NZBN with the following:

  • IRD tax number
  • RealMe login
  • Proof of identity (eg New Zealand driver licence, or New Zealand passport)
  • Are currently conducting business in New Zealand

Here are the steps for getting your NZBN:

  1. Go to: https://www.nzbn.govt.nz/
  2. Login with your Real Me account by clicking “MyNZBN Login”
  3. On the Dashboard, choose “Register Sole Trader”
  4. Enter your IRD Number
  5. Enter your Business Details
  6. Enter your Contact Details
  7. Choose your privacy settings
  8. Verify your identity with your ID
  9. Submit your confirmation
  10. Now you should be returned to the dashboard with your business & NZBN showing
  11. Done!

Here’s a video of Gareth at Private Box going through the process: