Or can I register a company with a virtual mailbox?

Many of us work from home and run businesses more flexibly.

But, when it comes to registering a company, this can be challenging.

Especially if we want to keep our home address out of the public eye, but we need an address to register our business.

A virtual office provides a fantastic solution.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office offers several benefits to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. It allows business owners to have a registered address and access a range of other services.
These could be anything from:

  • Professional addresses
  • Virtual mailbox services
  • Local and 0800 phone numbers
  • Company registration
  • Virtual receptionists and more…

One of the most significant advantages for home-based businesses is that a virtual office can provide a virtual address.

What is a virtual address?

A virtual address is a professional address for your company provided by a virtual office. It’s a physical “mailbox” for receiving letters and parcels, but you access your mail online.

Typically, a virtual address can be a physical or a PO Box address. At Private Box, you receive both a physical and a PO Box address.

Not only that, but a virtual address is great for businesses that are expanding, relocating, or don’t want to lease an office themselves.

Can I register a company with a virtual address?

Virtual offices have a physical address and a valid postal address. This makes them the perfect solution for businesses that need a legal address to register a company.

We also have a good working relationship with the New Zealand Companies Office, helping you troubleshoot any issues with your company registration. What’s more, we even save you time and hassle by completing the registration on your behalf.

Other benefits of having a virtual company address include:

  • A professional address for your company: Use a private box address as your mailing address online, on company documents and so on
  • A street address for all your correspondence: Get parcels, register your vehicle and more. Get peace of mind knowing your documents are secure
  • Secure document storage: Upload company documents into a secure account
  • Mailroom services: All your mail is scanned and stored for you to review at your convenience
  • Access to your mail from anywhere online: Access your paper correspondence from your mobile, tablet or desktop

Looking to register a virtual address for your company?

Getting started is fast and easy. All you have to do is signup for a business mailbox here.

Alternatively, If you have any questions, call us on 0800 122 335, and we’ll help you create your NZ Company with a Private Box Registered Office

You can use our registered office as the legal address for your NZ company. We’ll talk you through our plans and get your company registration and your mail sorted.

Private Box is New Zealand’s #1 online address provider. We have helped thousands of customers register companies and establish a presence in New Zealand.

Once your company is registered with us, you’ll be compliant, have a professional address, and have the flexibility you need to run your company.