Private Box response to Covid-19
Private Box is operating during New Zealand’s COVID-19 Level 1 response. QR codes are displayed at our office for the NZ COVID Tracer app contact tracing.
For more information see Covid-19 update for Private Box customers.

Access your paper mail online.


You will get a real PO Box and Street address to receive all your family’s post, giving access to your mail online.

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We provide you with a professional Street and PO Box address, allowing you to establish a real presence.

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Just say no

Just say no

Your life, easier, permanent and secure.

We′re all about making it easy for you to keep in contact and run your life remotely, so we′ve put it online. Started in 2005 with a focus on global mail forwarding, we now have mail scanning, cheque processing, phone answering, virtual office and registered office services.

Located in the capital of New Zealand; we are a Registered Postal Operator therefore we are legally obligated to provide high quality services.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the services we provide.

StevenPO Box forwarding your mail with document scanning and virtual office services