A Registered Office for Your Company

Use Private Box as your Registered Office for a New Zealand company. This means Private Box will be the legal address for your NZ company and that you will have to store your company documents with us.

Professional Address

Get a Professional address for your company. Use a Private Box address as your mailing address online & on company documents etc.

Make Compliance Easy

Private Box can provide templates for AGMs & shareholder meetings for small companies to help you stay compliant.

Secure Document Storage

Securely upload your company's documents to your Private Box account to be electronically stored within our PCI-compliant facility.

Registered Office

Advantages of using Private Box as your Registered Office

  • Convenience – run a New Zealand company from anywhere in the world.
  • Privacy – If you are running a home business you are less likely to have people turning up to your front doorstep.
  • Security – all your documents are stored securely.
  • Online Secure Storage – we store all documents electronically at our PCI compliant facility.
  • Ease of use – we help you stay ‘in compliance’ with the Companies Office.
  • Our help & guidance – we have worked with hundreds of companies establish a presence in New Zealand and know the process well. Let us help you today! Incorporate or register your business in New Zealand.

What’s the Price?

The Registered Office service is included some of our plans, and not available on the Personal Plan.
Overseas Companies (Not NZ Companies) registering with the NZ Companies Office need a Principal Place of Business. Read more about Overseas Companies.

Our Plans Personal Business Virtual Office Enterprise
30-Day Plan
$19.95 $49.95 $125 $199+
Registered Office
(For NZ Companies)
Not Possible 1 Company included. Additional are $232/yr ea. 1 Company included. Additional are $232/yr ea. Yes
Number of
Registered Offices
Not Possible Unlimited Unlimited One
Principal Place of Business
(for Overseas Companies)
Not Possible Add-on $1,495/year Add-on $1,495/year Add-on $1,495/year
  1. For users of legacy Business plans (customers who signed up before 17th November 2020), the Registered office is charged an additional fee of $232 (incl GST) per 365 days per NZ company.
  2. One Company registered office is included in the Business plan, additional companies are charged a $5/month name fee, & $232/year for a registered office.

Step by Step Guide

Starting a new company now? Here are the steps for creating your NZ Company with a Private Box Registered Office.

  • Step 1 – Open a Private Box account. (Apply here)
    To use our services as your registered office you must be using our Business, or Virtual Office Plans.
    Note: Registered Office Address is only available at our Auckland and Wellington branches.
  • Step 2 – Create your NZ Company.
    You can create your company directly with the NZ Companies Office or ask Private Box to incorporate the company for you.

    • All directors must use their residential address (i.e. don’t use your Private Box address) where it asks for “residential address”. This is a legal requirement. You can use the Private Box address for your “postal address” and your “registered office” address only.
    • All presenters must use their residential address. A presenter is someone who presents (i.e. uploads or sends) documents to the Companies Office. This is normally one of the directors or the company’s accountant (generally – but can be any agent that has been authorised by the company).
    • Registered Office Address must match the street address you are given when you sign up for Private Box. Don’t forget to include your Suite number / Sorting Code if you have one.
    • Address for communication can be any of our Private Box addresses. Don’t forget to include your suite number / sorting code if you have one.
  • Step 3 – Tell us about it.
    Email us the company name and number so we can associate with your account. We are notified of all new companies that use one of our addresses but we don’t always know which account it should be linked to. Make sure tell us otherwise the company will be struck off – we would hate that to happen!
  • Step 4 – Verify your identity.
    You must also complete identity verification. This must include proof of your current or most recent residential address. This is required for each director and shareholder (that holds more than 25% share in the company). For more information see Private Box Support: Identity Verification Requirements.
  • Step 5 – Store your Documents with us.
    You are required to store your company’s documents with us. You will need to post or email these documents to us. You can also upload documents when logged in to your Private Box account.
  • Remember – the Director’s Address must be your physical address.
    This is your physical address in the location/country you reside.

Good luck and remember you can get in touch with us if you get stuck – you are now well on your way to running your own NZ based company!

What Company Documents do I keep at my Registered Office?

When setup, you can upload company documents into your Private Box account, and we will ensure they are stored at your office. Check out the requirements of a registered office.

Note: We cannot act as a registered office for a Financial Service Provider (FSP).  We can, however, act as their mailing address.

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