Address for Service

Address for Service

An Address for Service is the address for delivery of legal summons or other court documents. It is best to use an address where someone can accept these documents (they need to be signed for before they can be “served”). NZ Companies, Tenants & Landlords, Pilots operating in NZ, and individuals & companies registering their IP (intellectual property), all require an Address for Service.

Need an Address for Service?

Private Box can help! Companies, Pilots & IP services use some of Private Box’s addresses as an Address for Service.


Private Box customers can start using their Private Box address as an Address for Service for free, and are charged per document served.

$500 is charged per document served.

We will attempt to contact you using contact information we have on file. If we are able to contact you within 48 hours we will refund $400 of this fee (less any disbursements such as courier costs).
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Note for NZ Companies

Private Box can act in this capacity for companies, however, please be aware:

  1. The law is unclear whether we can act in this capacity – see Section 192(2) of the Companies Act 1993.
    1. It depends on your interpretation of a postal centre / document exchange. Private Boxes could fall into this category.
    2. Private Box also is a Registered Office supplier (and has a good working relationship with the NZ Companies Office).
  2. If we are to act in this authority a letter of capacity with the Companies Letter Head must be held on file. A template letter is available from Accept Service On Behalf

It is important to note that a breach of the Companies Act could mean the directors of the company are held liable for the breach.

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