Phone Services

Local & Freephone numbers

In addition to address services, Private Box can supply phone numbers for personal & business customers.

  • Freephone 0800 numbers
  • Local landline numbers (e.g. 03, 04, 09 phone numbers)

Phone line features:

  1. Free voicemail to email (attached as audio file)
  2. Call forwarding to NZ & international phone numbers (additional call forwarding rates apply)
  3. Call answering service (see pricing below)
  4. Custom phone setup. Note additional setup fees apply.


Phone numbers are $15NZD/Month (including GST).
Freephone 0800 numbers are charged for incoming calls on a per minute basis
Phone Calling Rates

Phone services can only be purchased as an add-on to a current plan. See Plans & Pricing.
Private Box does not provide 028 (non-location specific) phone numbers.

Call answering

Have calls to your New Zealand local or freephone number answered by a local on your behalf. Our answering service can act as a receptionist or as a message service – it just depends on the script you supply.


  • Never miss a call
  • Answered by a local
  • 24/7 answering service
  • Receive messages by email
  • Call forwarding


Answering service plans
Light: $29NZD/Month (including GST). This includes 25 calls.
Medium: $49NZD/Month (including GST). This includes 50 calls.
Large: $99NZD/Month (including GST). This includes 100 calls.

Answering additional calls above your plan costs $1.50NZD/call (including GST).
Domestic and international transfers will have an additional per minute fee. See Phone Calling Rates.
Note that the Private Box call answering service is only available for phone numbers supplied by Private Box.

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