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Strike for Climate Change – 27 September 2019

On Friday 27 September 2019, Private Box will be closing for the day to take part and support the worldwide Climate...

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2019 Roadmap

A quick update on our roadmap for this year. We started the year committed to getting an iphone and android app...

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Carbon Offset 2018

Private Box is committed to a carbon zero future. We now commit to offsetting our carbon footprint for our business...

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Recommendation: Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist helps people to find the best places to live, bank, invest, incorporate, start a business, hire, date,...

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2018 Road Map

Over the last 6-months we’ve been thinking about the vision & mission of Private Box. Our Mission is: To lead the...

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Onslow College – Young Entrepreneurs

Our friends a Sub Urban (a co-working space in Wellington) approached us with a great idea – why not help students in...

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Edgecumbe floods – Private Box wants to help!

Private Box is offering a free postal address to those affected by the floods. We will also give you $50 free credit on...

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Business Success Guide (Wellington Edition)

Hi all, We have been involved with putting together a small PDF to help business owners with our pointers for business...

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