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Registered Office Compliance

When getting an NZ company up an running for the first time knowing what to do to stay compliant can be daunting. Here we clarify the types of addresses you can use for your company registration, then list all the documents you may need to keep at your Registered Office address.

If you have a Registered Office with Private Box, you can upload these documents in your account here:

Address requirements

From the NZ Companies ACT 1993:

  1. The registered office of a company on the Companies Register must be a legitimate street address, as company records are required to be kept and viewed at the registered office.
  2. The address for service of a company on the Companies Register must be a legitimate street address, and cannot be at a postal center or document exchange.
  3. All directors’ addresses must be their residential address.
  4. All presenters must use their own residential address.

Documents required

The NZ Companies Office requires the following to be stored at the registered office. Note: If your company is less than 10 months old; then only (1), (2), & (10) are required. However when your company’s older than 10 months all documents must be stored.

  1. Constitution of the company (optional).
  2. Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of shareholders.
  3. Share register* and the register of Director’s interests.
  4. Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of directors and directors committees.
  5. Certificates given by directors under this act.
  6. Full names and addresses of the current directors.
  7. All written communications to all shareholders, including annual reports.
  8. Copies of all financial statements and group financial statements (these must be in English)
  9. Accounting records for the current accounting period.
  10. The share register*.

*The share register – If undivided, this is the company’s principal register and must be kept at its registered office. If divided, the registers may be kept elsewhere.

All records must be held and updated regularly for the past seven years.

For more detailed descriptions of the documents required, see the NZ Companies Office website: keeping company records.

If Private Box is your New Zealand registered office, you must keep in mind that the legal documents must be stored at our offices. This is in order to comply with New Zealand law.

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